[PARPORT] ppSCSI/SyJet - Almost

From: Eric Cron (ericcron@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 22:16:17 EDT

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    A little background:

    I bought before I researched :) - oh well - I have
    this Syquest SyJet 1.5GB drive here. I've read a
    little about how this driver never really made it
    into prime-time, but thats fine with me, I only
    want to do simple backups with it.

    I use RH6.0 - with 2.2.5-15.
    I applied ppSCSI-0.91.patch. Compiled the modules.

    I do this:

    #insmod sd_mod (I made a guess here that I need this,
    no problems)
    #insmod ppscsi (no problems)
    #insmod epst (no problems)

    This is what I could find in /var/log/messages:

    Sep 18 17:48:06 dreaserv kernel: ppSCSI 0.91 (0.91)
    Sep 18 17:48:21 dreaserv kernel: epst.1: epst 0.91
    (0.91), Shuttle EPST at 0x378 mode 2 (PS/2) dly 1 nice
    0 sg 16
    Sep 18 17:48:21 dreaserv kernel: scsi1 : epst
    Sep 18 17:48:21 dreaserv kernel: scsi : 2 hosts.
    Sep 18 17:48:25 dreaserv kernel: epst.1: Bus reset

    The output of 'cat /proc/scsi/epst/1'

    ident: epst 0.91 (0.91), Shuttle EPST
    base port: 0x378
    mode: 2
    mode name: PS/2
    delay: 1
    nice: 0
    verbose: 0
    quiet: 0
    tot_cmds: 30
    tot_bytes: 936
    tot_errs: 3

    My problem:

    I'm a little embarrased, but I really don't know what
    device I should be using when I use fdisk. I've tried
    /dev/sda1-4 and /dev/sdb1-4 without success, the
    message I get is "Unable to open /dev/xxx"

    The cartridge was new/wrapped, never used on dos - but
    I believe they come formatted for dos, don't they?

    Don't know if it matters, but I use ide-scsi for my
    CDR - which works great, so I don't do 'insmod

    Is there somewhere I could go for more information?
    My plan was to use fdisk the same way I use it for
    hard drives, and mount/unmount the same way as well -

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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