[PARPORT] Microsolutions Parport Hard Drive

From: Saundi Brown (saundi@crossroadmission.org)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 12:11:46 EDT

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    I have spent two days and searched everywhere to try to understand how to
    get the Microsolutions backpack parport hard drive to install.
    I have read many times the doc at www.torque.net as well as the driver
    installation readme from microsolutions. I am using slackware 2.2.16

    I have tried to including in the kernel the drivers but now I am just
    loading them with insmod
    insmod parport (says it is already loaded even though it is compiled in the
    kernel as a module)
    insmod paride
    insmod -f backpack

    The torque.net info says something about using the device ID from the
    backpack unit which apparently is the last two digits of the serial number
    but I can find no other information about this.

    The driver on the microsolutions web site backpack-2.2.12-20.o says that I
    do not have the correct kernel to install it although I am using 2.2.16 and
    that seems to fit between 2.2.12 and 2.2.20. When I run insmod on it it
    fails so I used insmod -f backpack and it gives a warning but seems to load.
    modprobe pd
    just returns a blank line and does not give the diag info that the
    microsolutions help text says it will return

    If I use the bpck.o library that comes with the slackware dist. instead of
    the backpack.o library from the microsolutions site then I get a device busy
    when I run
    modprobe pd
    and says I may have a configuration problem.

    I have tried to find the info to fix this without bothering this mail list
    but I am at the end of my ability.


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