[PARPORT] Question about the use of parport functions

From: kevin (kjsisson@bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 17:11:56 EDT

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    I have been using a driver (currently maintained by Gerhard
    Jaeger) for the Plustek PP family of scanners. The driver code
    uses the inb_p, outb_p functions to transfer data to and from the
    parallel port. This works quite well, but I got the impression
    from the parport c routines and general comments on this mailing
    list that the ports should be addressed by using the parport (or
    parport_pc in my case) functions. With Gerhard's help I have been
    able to get this (rewriting the routines in terms of parport
    functions) mostly working, but there seem to be some timing
    problems (some of these may be related to the Plustek hardware). I
    am also playing around with a Lucent uss720 based usb-to-parallel
    adapter in an attempt to get it to work with the scanner. Thomas
    Sailer (the author of the uss720 code that I am using) wrote me
    that the inb/outb functions could not be used for the adapter (it
    emulates ieee1284 registers and modes) and that is another reason
    for my trying to use the parport functions. My questions are:

    Note: I am at this point only concerned with using the 2.2 kernel
    series (I am currently using Mandrake 7.1, with the kernel
    upgraded from 2.2.15 to 2.2.16).

    1. Are the parport functions the preferred method of talking to
    the parallel ports for this type of application (regular pp
    scanner operation)?

    2. If not, what types of applications should these functions be
    used for?

    3. If not, is there another way (other than using the inb, outb
    functions) of doing this job?

    4. Does anybody have any experience with using a usb to parallel
    adapter with a scanner or anything else? (this may not be the
    right list to ask this question but nothing seems to be happening
    with the adapter on the usb lists, except to use it for printing.
    It does work for that).

    Thanks in advance,

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