Re: [PARPORT] hard disk drive thru parallel

From: Tamas Vincze @ NEB (@)
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 09:32:47 EDT

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    > I am after buying one of these:
    > b) A device connected to the parallel in which to insert a hard disk. (I think
    > Datawise Co. makes them).
    > Can anyone tell me what model, brand have you got of either of the above and
    > how they behave in Linux??

    I've just bought one from Computers4Sure, it's an external 5.25" case.
    If you wanna install a 3.5" hard drive in it, you'll need 3.5"->5.25"
    adapter brackets as well.
    It uses DataStor's EP-2000 chip which works fine with Linux.
    You can order it here:

    Tamas Vincze

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