[PARPORT] Installation via Laplink Cable

From: Bruce C. Anderson (bcanderson@cableone.net)
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 13:22:46 EST

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    Howdy Everyone

    I have a 486/66 laptop, that I would like to install Linux on. I have
    Redhat Linux on a CD, but the 486 does not have a CD-drive. My other laptop
    does, and I would like to connect the two via a Laplink cable, and install
    Redhat Linux on the 486.

    I have a copy of Mini-Linux on a floppy, and it runs on the 486, which by
    the way is the only operating system on that machine, since I got the cart
    ahead of the horse, and repartioned the 486's hard drive eliminating windows
    and DOS.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    I am a rank novice at Linux, which is why I would like to have it on the
    486. If I screw something up on that machine, I won't lose anything. :) I
    have also read a number of How-Tos, but with my inexperience I could not
    make heads or tails of them.

    Also I would like to run the Seti@home program full time on the 486, so any
    help in un Tar-ing that to the hard drive would be appreciated.

    Thanks !!!

    See Ya

    Have Fun


    Prescott Valley, AZ USA


    Quidquid volumus, nos agimus,
    quandocumque volumus id agere.
    Laetamini aut scortamini.

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