RE: [PARPORT] Recompile kernal for paride

From: Walt Nickels (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 17:39:17 EST

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    I generally use "make xconfig" because the gui is easier to navigate, but
    you can use make menuconfig as well. When it comes up, everything willstay
    as it is except what you change. Say "yes" to parallel Port IDE support to
    compile it into the kernel, or "M" to add it as a module. Then do the "make
    dep", "make clean", and "make bzImage". If you "M"odularized it, then you
    do a "make modules", and "make modules_install". Copy or move your
    "bzImage" to the boot location, and make sure LILO points to it and reboot.

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    Thanks to James and Cam for the advice.

    I have read Kernel-HOWTO and have two questions before I go ahead.

    1. Is there a way of running "make config" (or some other script) so that
    all the current selections are retained and I _only_ have to say "y" to
    the Parallel Port IDE support? My system was configured by someone else
    (and it generally works) but I don't know what responses he gave to the
    make script. BTW, Kernel-HOWTO does not explicitly say what the
    configuration file is called and where it resides.

    2. Section 9.2 of Kernel-HOWTO implies that I can leave my existing kernel
    alone and run "make modules", rather than configuring them into the
    kernel. Can I do this to get the same result so that I can then "insmod
    paride" successfully?


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    Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 15:45:14 -0700
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    John Andress wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I am following the instructions in:
    > to connect my Redhat 6.0 PC to a Shuttle tape streamer. I have the
    > following problem:
    > [andress@localhost andress]# insmod paride
    > /lib/modules/2.2.5-15/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    > parport_claim_Rcca15f23
    > /lib/modules/2.2.5-15/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    > parport_register_device_R064ebecf
    > /lib/modules/2.2.5-15/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    > parport_unregister_device_R3618c96f
    > /lib/modules/2.2.5-15/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    > parport_enumerate_R648d1e26
    > /lib/modules/2.2.5-15/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    > parport_release_R4430d136
    > [andress@localhost andress]#

    You need to recompile your kernel to include Parallel Port IDE device
    support as modules. See the Kernel HOW-TO on how to accomplish this.

    NOTE: You should compile all of the Shuttle drivers. My HP
    tapestreamer uses the EPAT interface, but I failed to compile the EPST
    driver the fires time and the EPAT driver would not load.

    James Mckenzie

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