Re: [PARPORT] Install RedHat Linux 7.0 using a CDROM connected to the parport

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 07:18:03 EST

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    On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 06:35:21PM +0000, Jose' Miguel Correia Pires wrote:

    > I've got a 486DX2 With 12MB where i'm trying to install redhat 7.0. I have
    > a bootdisk image and the driver disk paride.img that are sent with the
    > mencioned version of redhat. The problem is that when the installation
    > programs asks for the driver disk, it gives the message:
    > This is not the driver disk for this version of redhat linux

    It works fine here. Did you create the driver disk correctly, using
    dd or rawrite?


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