Re: [PARPORT] printing with 2.2.18pre21 kernel

From: Gene Heskett (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 19:51:40 EST

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    Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Eythan Weg;

    >Tim Waugh <> writes:

    >> On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 08:53:23AM -0500, Eythan Weg wrote:
    >> > Except for the kernel and its modules what else
    >> > could potentially be involved with this failure?
    >> Not sure. If you go back to 2.2.16, does it work again? What about
    >> 2.2.17?

    >The reason I have changed kernels is that 2.2.16
    >stopped printing. It coincided with some horror I
    >created for myself deleting some files relating to
    >my database of installed packages. In my
    >hysteria, I thought I have done something to the
    >printing. Since then I have upgraded much of my
    >system (debian, woody). Everything seems normal
    >and stable. But printing is pretty elusive now.
    >2.2.16 does not print. It has parport in the
    >kernel. I went to 2.2.17, with the same end
    >result. At this point I thought something less
    >stable would work and chose 2.4.0-test11-pre5.
    >And it did print. Here I used parport as modules.
    >But at some point it stopped printing. I have no
    >clue why. I sought to find better luck with
    >2.2.18pre21, but to no avail. This is my current
    >situation. The printer is fine --- I can print
    >from windows. I can write directly to to /dev/lp0
    >with no return of errors.

    >My question is how can this be traced?

    If you are *real* quick with a run of lpq within a second of having
    something dumped to lp0, and see the job, but in a second or two its
    gone again, then this waddles and quacks just like my problems, which I
    think were possibly permissions related. Unforch, you don't get a
    return path for the error very often if at all. A job sent to the spool
    that doesn't have perms to be done is automaticly deleted very quickly,
    and *silently*.

    I had cups in for about an day, but it ran my phone bill up for that
    day by keeping me online, so out it came by the brute force method, once
    I realized why I could force a hangup only to have it dialing again 15
    seconds later. I use a demand dial script so whatever needs to be
    online can get it, like this email/news agent on an hourly schedule.

    Thanks for portsentry, it logged, and locked out, 4 attempts on my
    machine that day while I was at work.

    I finally gave up and had rpm remove lpr and printtool, and installed LPRng
    and lprngtool, and configured a new printer setup with lprngtool after
    deleting /etc/printcap to make sure everything was a clean start.

    It hasn't miss-fired since, for anything, even gimp is printing very
    nicely. To be fair, my ghostscript is 6.31, and print is 4.0.2. Both
    offer some improvements over the older versions, for both speed and near
    photo quality with a 4 color Epson Stylus Pro here.

    But, those didn't work until I put in LPRng and its tool.

    I have had lpr work, but only for certain sources, never before from
    gimp for instance, and even then I had to sacrifice a chicken from time
    to time just to keep it working with netscape so I could print my bank
    statements. After a while, it sure feels good to stop beating ones head
    on lpr and friends. IMO its busted...

    Currently at kernel version 2.2.18pre22.

    Cheers, Gene

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