[PARPORT] Please help me configuring my parport!

From: Erik Sigra (sigra@home.se)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 11:26:04 EST

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    I'm trying to configure my parport. It has IO=0x378, IRQ=7 and DMA=1. This is
    how it is configured in the BIOS, and how Microsoft Windows detects it. But
    in Linux, it was not that easy. Before I did anything about it, it just used
    the IO. Then I read through some documentation and searched the web, and
    learned that it is possible to give the boot parameter "parport=auto" or
    "parport=0x378,7". I tried auto, and it appears to give the same result as if
    I had used 0x378,7.

    But what I still don't know is how I tell it to use DMA=1. I couldn't find
    any documentation about it. Here is my /proc/parport/0/hardware:

    base: 0x378
    irq: 7
    dma: none

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
    Erik Sigra

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