Re: [PARPORT] IDE Disk Capacity > 8GB via parallel port

From: Tamas Vincze @ NEB (@)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 17:29:02 EST

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    Hi Rob,

    > The drive I bought (which is housed externally and accessed via the
    > parallel port and then the epat type chip) is a 45GB Western Digital
    > however I can only see the first 8GB.

    That's because pd v1.05 uses CHS mode to access the drive, and
    drives over 8GB report only 8GB as their CHS capacity. To access
    the whole drive it needs to be done in LBA mode.

    Apply the attached patch to /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/paride/pd.c
    to enable LBA mode on large drives. Be careful, it hasn't been
    widely tested! Try only with drives that don't contain important
    data. If it works for you please drop me a line.


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