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From: Joerg Schilling (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 12:37:44 EST

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    >From: Kelsey Jordahl <>

    >This is how I got an HP 7500 series CD-writer plus to write data CDs:

    >1. make sure your kernel is compiled with support for paride and
    >associated modules (and loopback mounts are handy, too)

    >2. make sure cdrecord and mkisofs are installed on your system

    >7. if there were no errors at step 6, burn the real CD:
    > # cdrecord -v speed=1 dev=0,0,0 -data cd_image

    >Unfortunately I am not able to write audio CDs, either with cdrecord
    >or with cdrdao. I think this is a consequence of using an older
    >laptop (Pentium 150) that is not fast enough to keep the fifo full
    >while burning audio, which doesn't have EPP in the BIOS. I will
    >probably post a more detailed question on this soon, when I have tried
    >out my remaining options.

    How about reading the support files in the cdrecord source:


    This file is intended to help with ATAPI <-> Parallel Port devices on Linux

    Before you start, read


    Make sure that your parallel port device is set up to EPP mode
    from within the BIOS. In many cases it is best to set the PP delay to 0.

    Here is a short explanation how to make the FreeCom Traveller work
    in 4x speed on a notebok:

    1.) Set BIOS for parallel port to 'EPP'.

    2.) Load drivers in default mode:

       # modprobe paride
       # modprobe <driver for parallel port adaptor>
       # modprobe pg

    in case of a FreeCom Traveller this is:

       # modprobe paride
       # modprobe friq
       # modprobe pg

    3.) Check kernel log for paride messages:

       # dmesg
       paride: version 1.04 installed
       paride: friq registered as protocol 0
       parport0: PC-style at 0x378 [SPP,PS2,EPP]
       parport0: no IEEE-1284 device present.
       pg: pg version 1.02, major 97
       pg0: Sharing parport0 at 0x378
       pg0: friq 1.01, Freecom IQ ASIC-2 adapter at 0x378, mode 4 (EPP-32), delay 1
       pg0: CD-R/RW RW8040A, master

    4.) load module again but use different parameters:
            'drive0=IO-Port,Protocol,Unit,Mode,Master/Slave,Delay drive1=...'
            if you have only one drive at the parallel port
            'drive0=IO-Port,0,0,-1,-1,Delay' e.g. for Delay = 0:

       # modprobe -r pg
       # modprobe pg drive0=0x378,0,0,-1,-1,0

    5.) Check for optimum delay using for maximum speed using cdrecord -dummy

    6.) Use the file rc.pp and modify for your needs

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