[PARPORT] C programming on parallel port

From: Andre Nathan (andre@engenharia.uff.br)
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 09:25:23 EST

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            Hi all

            One of my teachers was trying to use C programs in order to access the
    parallel port and ligh some leds in a proto board. To do this, he used a
    library called "dos.h" so that he could use the OUTPORTB() and INPORTB()
    functions. I asked him about what should I do if I had a Linux machine,
    and he couldn't answer me. Can you guys help me? Here goes the program:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <dos.h>
    #define DATA 0x378
    #define STATUS 0x379
    #define CONTROL 0x37A

    void main (void)
     int Option;

     printf ("\n\n\n\n\n");
     printf ("Options:\n");
     printf ("\n[1]-Led1\n[2]-Led2\n[3]-Led3\n[4]-Led4");
     printf ("\n[5]-Led5\n[6]-Led6\n[7]-Led7\n[8]-Led8\n");
     printf ("\nChoose:");
     fflush (stdin);
     scanf ("%d",&Option);
     fflush (stdin);
     switch (Option)
        case 0: printf ("End Program");
        case 1: outport(DATA,0x01);
        case 2: outport(DATA,0x02);
        case 3: outport(DATA,0x04);
        case 4: outport(DATA,0x08);
        case 5: outport(DATA,0x10);
        case 6: outport(DATA,0x20);
        case 7: outport(DATA,0x40);
        case 8: outport(DATA,0x80);
        default:printf ("Invalid Option!");
     } while (Option !=0 );

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