Re: [PARPORT] autoloading drivers based on ieee1284 device ID changes?

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 01:57:58 EST

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            This evening, I wrote a very preliminary implementation of
    the MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE support for parport. I have added the
    necessary kernel code, made the changes to depmod, and written
    a simple program that lists the modules corresonding to a particular
    device ID string. Having the program read the ID string either
    via an ioctl (for USB) or reading /proc/sys/devices/parport is
    easy enough, although it is dependent on whether or not
    we continue to "parse" the USB device ID information in
    /proc/sys/devices/parport or will provide the raw data.

            Currently, there are a couple of kludges in my approach
    that I should probably fix. First of all, struct parport_device_id
    holds a single character (the array of structs is actually the
    string being matched). Secondly, the code is depmod uses some
    misleading variable names because of the struct to char conversion.

            I expect to post patches tomorrow. So, if you have any
    requests about how this should look, please let me know right away.
    Also, any IEEE-1284 device ID's for non-printer devices would
    be appreciated.

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