Re: [PARPORT] Questions and first pass at ieee1284 MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE support

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 18:34:07 EST

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    >> = Adam Richter
    > = Tim Waugh

    >> 1. The kernel lacks regular expression support, so these

    >Yes, I was under the impression that the regexp parsing would be in
    >user-space by the program you proposed.

                Yes, that is the case. What I wanted was also to
    eliminate duplication of this match information in kernel (i.e.,
    have the kernel's matching also use the same table, as is done
    with USB and the new style PCI and ISAPnP drivers).

            Thanks for your answers to my other questions. They
    help clarify things significantly.

    >> 6. Currently, my plan for doing the matching "right" would
    >> be to have struct portport_device_id look like this:
    >> struct parport_device_id {
    >> char *pattern;
    >> };
    >> and each pattern would be a semicolon separated list of glob
    >> patterns, which could be matched in any order. For example,
    >> "CLS:PRINTER;MFG:Hew*"
    >> would match "MFG:Hewlett Packard;CLS:PRINTER".

    >This is good. The matching utility would have to know about
    >CLS/CLASS/cls etc, and would probably also need to strip leading and
    >trailing blanks.

            Do any devices actually say "CLASS:" in their ID information?

    >The code looks good although I'm not so keen on casting a string to a
    >parport_device_id*, I'd rather have an array of strings like your

            Keith Owens emailed me a pointer to his MODULE_GENERIC_STRING
    facility in modutils-2.3.22, which we could use if we were to
    stick with the single string approach. However, I agree with you
    and prefer a struct as described above, which will eliminate that

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