Re: [PARPORT] Questions and first pass at ieee1284 MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE support

From: Joerg Schilling (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 18:40:07 EST

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    >From: "Adam J. Richter" <>

    > Last night, I mentioned that I had a very preliminary
    >implementation of parport MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE support. I am
    >included all of the relevant software in this email, and I
    >would like to get some feedback on how to do it right.

    > Under my very preliminary scheme, struct parport_device_id
    >is really just a char, and the array of parport_device_id's is really
    >just a string, which is a regular expression that parptmodules uses to
    >match the printer device ID. This has a few drawbacks:

    > 1. The kernel lacks regular expression support, so these
    > strings cannot be reliably used within the kernel
    > itself to support ID matching. It would be better if
    > the data structure used in matching could be used within
    > the kernel to do the same matching rather than have that
    > knowledge duplicated in each parport client's probe routine.

    If you need a decent pattern matcher that may be used inside the kernel,
    have a look at:

    The files include/patmatch.h and lib/match.c implement a clean reentrant
    pattern patcher that does not need much space.

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