Re[2]: [PARPORT] OnSpec 90c26 driver problems

From: Harry Holt (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 22:40:15 EST

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    Ok, well at least I know it can work.

    I have already tried pulling out everything except the stuff needed for the
    scanner, and I still get the same result (that is, it cannot find any
    SCSI devices at all).

    Thx... HH

    On Tue, 26 Dec 2000 19:42:55 -0500 (EST) Timothy Laswell <Timothy Laswell <>> wrote:

    > I got the same scanner and was able to get it working after making my
    > idescsi and ppscsi both modules. There is reportedly a conflict between
    > idescsi and onscsi. I haven't tried loading both at the same time yet,
    > too busy catching up on my scanning backlog. I plan on writing a simple
    > shell script to unload the onscsi and ppscsi then loading the idescsi when
    > I want to switch between writing CD's and scanning pictures.
    > On Tue, 26 Dec 2000, Harry Holt wrote:
    > > I am having trouble getting the OnSpec 90c26 parallel port driver (onscsi)
    > > to work. I hope someone out there has used this and can give me some clues
    > > where to look next. I have a Microtek X6 that uses this driver (at least it
    > > works with the windoze driver).
    > >
    > > I've patched, configured, and compiled the 2.4.0-test12 kernel. I am able
    > > to insmod all the necessary modules. When the onscsi module loads, I get:
    > >
    > > onscsi.0: onscsi 0.91 (0.92), OnSpec 90c26 at 0x378 mode 4 (EPP-32) dly 1
    > > nice 0 sg 16
    > >
    > > This seems to indicate that the module installed as expected, and found the
    > > hardware. The scanner's light blinks a little during the load, so it seems
    > > to indicate that it is finding the scanner's interface.
    > >
    > > Now I'm stuck, though. ScanImage cannot find a device. 'find-scanner'
    > > can't find the scanner, either, although it detects my CD-Writer on /dev/sga
    > > as expected. All other sg devices fail to open.
    > >
    > > Can anybody lend a clue? What am I missing? Where should I look next?
    > >
    > > Thx... HH
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