[PARPORT] "Peripheral is not present"

From: Eva Kalivianaki (ekalyv@ics.forth.gr)
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 05:48:07 EST

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    Dear all,
    one-two years ago we built a parallel port driver (using the routines
    from kernels 2.2.3 or 2.3.2) for testing purposes of a hardware
    platform. The driver could perform read and write on addresses that
    corresponded to memory addresses of the hardware platform.
    6 months ago we stopped the project and 2-3 months go we tried to make
    some new experiments on the same platform but we faced several problems.
    The driver could not communicate with the hardware. We installed the
    driver in another environment (another PC with redhat6.2, kernel the same
    2.2.3) but we faced the same problems.
    More specifically when initializing the driver we get the message from
    "Peripheral is not present (or compliant)".
    After that when we attempt to write, things seem to be ok but when reading
    we do not take the right value.
    We open the device with " open(device,O_RDWR|)_SYNC) where device is
    /dev/name0 and before calling for ieee1284_status we write to registers:
    parport_write_control(port,0x0e) and parport_write_econtrol(port,0x00).
    During these operations we do not get any message error from the driver.
    We would appreciate any help or hint you can give us.
    Sorry for the long message and thank you in advance

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