[PARPORT] ActionTec CameraConnect pro

From: Thomas Kuiper (engerim@magicnet.org)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 05:11:13 EST

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    I bought some card reader (for SmartMedia/Flashpath/etc) Adapter from
    ActionTec which is connected via the parallel port
    (see www.actiontec.com/products/readers/cameraconpro/ccp_overview.html).

    I tryed an autodetect with all protocols but it doesn't seem to find
    the device as IDE disk/tape/cdrom or whatever. So I opened the thing
    and saw a chip which had written "DATASTOR EP-2000" on it.

    However, the dstr proto is not working with it (no drives found), it works
    fine under Windblows, I'm sure that everything is connected fine in my comp
    (EPP mode is selected in bios) and the parallel device works with a printer.
    I tryed the "insmod lp;rmmod lp" trick too, but it didn't seem to help,
    the device stays undetected, verbose mode of the modules just showed the tests
    but didn't detect or show up anything strange in dmesg.

    To come to the questions :)

    Did anyone try to install this thing?
    What else can I do to make it run?

    I think next step would be contacting the vendor so they might give
    me some specifications of the thing. But it normally should work if it
    uses the dstr proto, no?



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