Re: [PARPORT] Imation LS 120 on parallel port

From: Guido Milanese (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 03:26:38 EST

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    Dear Listmembers,
    about one month ago I received through this list a very effective help
    in order to use an Imation LS120 drive connected through the parallel
    port. It works well now: but I still have a problem. The
    write/read/copy is reliable for little or normal sized files. With
    really large files, the system takes a very long time. For example,
    copying an 80Megs backup file took about three hours (!), while the
    same operation under Windows takes less than two minutes.

    May this be a problem of buffering of the parallel port? Any idea?

    Again, many thanks indeed.

    Guido, from Italy

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    Vocal Ensemble Ars Antiqua, Genova, Italia
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