[PARPORT] Multi parallel port PCI card

From: John O'Connor (joconnor@orga.com)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 04:55:16 EST

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    Has anyone got any experience with multi port parallel cards?

    I need to put five parallel ports in one computer.

    I need cards that are fully compatible with normal register assignments for parallel ports in Standard and ECP modes.

    So far, the best that I have found is a card that claims to be a Dual PCI parallel card with ECP and EPP. Turned out, it only supported ECP on one of the two ports and the even then it was not the same as a motherboard card.

    (That was an EXSYS card using a SUNIX chip and the chip vendor refused to supply register info for the card.)

    Any better solutions?


    John O'Connor

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