Re: [PARPORT] Castlewood Orb

From: Kev (klmitch@MIT.EDU)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 01:56:13 EST

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    > Has anybody gotten the Castlewood Orb external drive mass storage with a
    > parallel port cable and USB adapter going? I have found out so far that I need
    > to modprobe PARIDE and modprobe on26 but when I modprobe pd I just get the
    > printer starting and stoping and 'insmod pd failed' is the message. It seems
    > that my SuSe system recognizes something is there but can't mount device /sda.
    > Anybody want to enlighten me? TIA

    I have an internal IDE Castlewood Orb drive that I cannot use with Linux.
    Last I looked into the problem, the IDE guy was having problems getting
    Castlewood to release the specs necessary to build an appropriate driver
    for it. You might be running into a similiar problem. I have no idea if
    Castlewood got around to getting him the information he needed, but I half
    suspect not.

    Kevin L. Mitchell <>

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