[PARPORT] Iomega Zip 250 large file size transfers

From: Dale A. Raby (daleraby@gbonline.com)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 16:36:26 EST

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    Some time ago I read about a problem with reading/transfering large
    files from a parallel port Iomega Zip drive. I had not experienced that
    problem before until I saved my MP3 files to a Zip disk and then tried
    to restore the original directory after reinstalling the OS. The
    process would begin and then be aborted because of a r/w error of some

    A few weeks later I dropped the drive on my desk. This had happened
    before, but it irritated me sufficiently that I decided to put a stop to
    it. I used a Milwaukee Sawzall to cut a hold in the back of my case
    large enough to pull the parallel port connectors through. I was then
    able to thread the cables through the hole and plug them into the Zip
    drive which fit nicely in a vacant slot on top of the bay where my hard
    drive was secured. During this procedure, I noticed that I was using a
    much longer primary connection cable than necessary so I used a shorter
    one to avoid having all the extra loops in it.

    Now, a few days later, I am listening to my MP3's after transferring the
    entire directory to my hard drive in one operation. I find it difficult
    to believe that the solution to this problem would be something so
    simple as using a shorter cable, however, I have heard of limitations on
    the length of printer cables, so maybe it could be. I hope this
    simplistic solution will be of use to someone as it will enable me to
    pay back some of the help I have recieved from people on this list.

    Dale A. Raby

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