[PARPORT] ppdev on 2.2.17 comments

From: Reinoud (dus@wanadoo.nl)
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 06:50:23 EST

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    Just got started with ppdev - it's great, just what I needed for some
    hardware hacks. And thanks for the back-porting it to 2.2.17, it
    saved my day...

    A few comments:

    - The patch-2.2.17-ppdev1, when applied to a stock 2.2.17 kernel,
      doesn't compile on Alpha. It needs #include <linux/delay.h> in
      linux/drivers/char/ppdev.c; the code in the patch only includes
      asm/delay.h. Haven't tried it on Intel yet.

    - PPCLAIM immediately touches the control lines. That's too bad, as
      it is sometimes handy to be able to claim a port without changing
      its state. I would like to be able to defer initialisation until
      deciding to use one of the ieee protocols or not.

    Okay, minor nits. I'm happy already.

    - Reinoud

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