[PARPORT] Looking for a device

From: Jordi Bataller (bataller@dsic.upv.es)
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 03:41:26 EST

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    I'm looking for a IDE-ATAPI to PARALLEL box adapter.

    In fact, right now I'm using such a device from AOKIDE.
    I have connected a 20Mb IDE disk to the box, with linux installed
    on the disk. I boot linux by means of a floppy disk, which
    once started uses a partition on the disk as the root file system.
    The driver used to support the box is "on26", it manages to connect
    to the box in EPP-32 mode. That makes fairly acceptable the speed
    of running linux on the box.

    In sum, I have a portable linux box.

    Now I have two problems:

    1. I purchased a second box from the same vendor (one year later than
       the first one) apparently the same model. But the connexion
       is stablished in 8-bit mode, and that makes too slow running
       Linux on it.

    2. The boxes are prepared for holding 5+1/4 wide devices but I'm
       only interested in hard disks.

    Well the question is:

    could anyone recommend me a IDE-to-PARALLEL box:
      1 capable of connecting any common IDE hard disk to it
      2 beeing 3+1/2 wide
      3 proven that can connect (in Linux of course) in EPP-32 mode

    By the moment I only know of "Quick drive Pro" from "Datawise".
    It satisfies 1 and 2, but I don't know if 3 too.

    Thank you very much,

            jordi bataller

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