Re: [PARPORT] "insmod epst" begets "Device or resource busy"

From: Adam Warner (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 04:54:56 EST

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    Hi Alan,

    It looks like we have similar scanners.

    Have you tried removing the modules and then tried installing them again?

    This page sets out the install order (try using rmmod in reverse):

            insmod scsi_mod
            insmod sg
            insmod parport
            insmod parport_pc
            insmod ppscsi
            insmod epst

    > final modules installed are ...
    > Module Size Used by
    > ppscsi 10352 0
    > parport_pc 7432 0 (unused)
    > parport 7280 0 [parport_pc]
    > sg 15608 0 (unused)
    > ide-cd 23692 0 (autoclean)
    > soundcore 2628 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    > autofs 9316 1 (autoclean)
    > lockd 31528 1 (autoclean)
    > sunrpc 53028 1 (autoclean) [lockd]
    > 3c59x 19428 1 (autoclean)

    You might also want to remove some of the modules to help simplify testing. You
    may be able to remove autofs, lockd and sunrpc.

    You can also help module loading by specify the order they should load in

    The command is pre-install. man modules.conf:
           pre-install module command
                  Execute command before installing the specified
                  module. See the below directive as well.

    For example, you might has this command for the epst module in

    pre-install epst modprobe ppscsi

    I'm not sure what will help. These are just ideas. You could also try the 2.4.2
    kernel and ppscsi patch. I have SMP issues but you should be OK if you have a
    single processor.

    The 2.4.x patch is here:

    Once the kernel source has been extracted, if the patch is in /usr/src/linux
    then cd to /usr/src/linux and type:

    patch -s -p1 < linux-ppscsi.patch

    (The -s just suppresses info about the patch succeeding. If an error occurs you
    get notification of it).

    There are a lot of other issues with upgrading to the 2.4 kernel though. They
    are set out here:

    A big issue is that a new version of pppd is required.


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