[PARPORT] Problems with I/O to Syquest Sparq

From: Pascal Hos (paashaas@rice.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 19:20:14 EST

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    I am trying to acces my parallel Syquest Sparq 1GB drive. I'm running kernel
    2.4.2 with the epat, pd, and paride compiled as modules. The BIOS is set to
    use EPP and I'm mounting /dev/pda1.

    Now I can mount /dev/pda1 no problem and I can do an 'ls' and get output no
    problem. However when I try to erase anything from or write anything to the
    drive the process goes into an uninteruptible sleep mode (ps shows D) which
    cannot be killed. Rebooting is not possible either.

    dmesg shows the following message over and over again:

    pda: do_pd_write_drq: status = 0x10050 = SEEK READY TMO

    Does anybody know what is happening?


    PS: the file permissions on /dev/pda1 are as follows
    brw-rw---- 1 root disk 45, 1 Nov 16 22:09 /dev/pda1

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