[PARPORT] Patch(Linux-2.4.2): Parport ACPI PNP0400/0401 Autodetect

From: Gunther Mayer (Gunther.Mayer@t-online.de)
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 15:25:42 EST

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    this patch autodetects LPT ressources.

    This eliminates the need to specify irq=x
    and dma=y manually for parport. This has always
    been annoying and error-prone for users!
    Any experiences with calling a pre-ACPI PNPBIOS
    to get these hints, too (I assume Windows found irq
    and dma without much effort already for a long time) ?

    Please test and report.

    Regards, Gunther


    If successful you get:

    20:24:05 linux kernel: parport: PNP0401 found by ACPI: io=0278,0778 irq=5 dma=1
      Note: 0x778 is a negligible bug on my "ASUS P3B-F ACPI BIOS Revision 1007 Beta 001"

    When setting to non-ECP in BIOS setup:

    20:17:54 linux kernel: parport: PNP0400 found by ACPI: io=0x0378 irq=7 dma=No

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