[PARPORT] Programming the parport

From: Bart Friederichs (plant@chello.nl)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 16:26:24 EST

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    I have been looking around for a way to nicely control the parallel port. All
    ways I find are usinf ioperm(). Is this the only way? I don't really like it,
    because it only works for everybody when the program is SUID root. Are there
    other ways (i.e. using device drivers of special libs) ?

    Bart Friederichs

    I am making a Linux port for the portable TiePuie HandyProbe oscilloscope that
    connects to the parallel port (duh ;-))

    The internet is a too slow way of doing things you'd never do without it.
                                                  Bart Friederichs, 1998

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