Re: [PARPORT] Questions with ppdev

From: Philip Blundell (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 05:51:29 EST

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    >Yes, it does, but only if you run the process with SCHED_RR or
    >SCHED_FIFO. And this is dangerous. If the process hangs (maybe because
    >of a buggy endless loop), wo can't even kill it, because the process
    >will use up all of your CPU, and you cannot type something (unless you
    >have a shell running with SCHED_RR and a higher static priority than the
    >hanging process).

    Well, you could introduce a new scheduling policy that has the realtime
    behaviour for nanosleep but behaves like SCHED_OTHER in all other respects.
    That seems like a better solution than adding wacky stuff to ppdev.

    Or, run as SCHED_OTHER most of the time but promote yourself to SCHED_RR when
    you are actually doing port I/O. That should remove most of the risk from
    infinite loops caused by bugs.


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