[PARPORT] Console over parallel port

From: Tim Hassan (tim@aidasystems.com)
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 01:37:00 EST

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    Is it possible to do console over parrallel. I want to be able to get kernel messages over the parallel port just like you would on the serial port. I am having this problem because I only have 1 serial port on this weird BAT (Baby AT) motherboard, and it is used by the LCD.
    As this box is headless (i.e. no keyboard/monitor), configuring over serial/parallel is the only option. I saw something related under character devices in kernel, but don't remember which one. Does 2.2.x support it? or only 2.4.x?
    Secondly, where can I find more documentation on this certain feature?
    Lastly, is it possible to use one of those belkin cables "DB 25 male to DB9 female" to connect the workstation with the terminal emulation program to the linux box's parallel port? (e.g. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/picassocomputers/cab-belk-f2l088-10.html)
    The reason why I ask this is because I do not know of any terminal emulation program that could supports connections over LPT port (only COM ports).
    Please CC me on your reply as I am not subscribed on the list yet ;(


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