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From: Uwe Bonnes (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 13:20:40 EST

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    >>>>> "Gunther" == Gunther Mayer <> writes:

        Gunther> Uwe Bonnes wrote:
    >> Writing on some items would be allowed in some situations, like "echo
    >> "ppaddr 278" >/proc/superio/0 would change the parallel port address,
    >> if the old adress isn't actual used.
    >> Exporting the Super IO Chip registers and decoding these in a user
    >> programm would be another possibility. However I feel bad about
    >> letting the user program write random registers...

    I had posted something like this for some SMC chip around 1996 named
    smcio.c, but got nearly no few feedback. As I saw these superio things in
    parport_pc, my interest got up again.

        Gunther> Don't overdesign the kernel superio interface, my original
        Gunther> intent was to detect IRQ and DMA for parport. (This has been
        Gunther> nearly obsoleted by my lastest PNPBIOS and ACPI patches.)

    Are these patches in 2.4.2.pre3? If not, I can I have a look at them.

        Gunther> I would prefer to do as much superio works by a user mode
        Gunther> application (ls_superio, set_superio). This would enable the
        Gunther> user to see all settings like lspci and changing (root only)
        Gunther> like setpci.

        Gunther> There will not be much benefit for other device drivers (I
        Gunther> think just IrDA here, which has it's own superio code already).

    There is a watchdog, one might want to move the serial port address, one
    might want to look at different interrupt schemes, these chips contain a lot
    of interesting things...

        Gunther> P.S. Tim, check_region is fine with me.


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