Re: [PARPORT] Kernel 2.4.2 + SparQ, would you help me?

From: Stephen Mollett (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 13:06:25 EST

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    > 2. Linux kernel 2.4.2 (stable kernel at present time, I believe).

    Try a recent 2.4.2-ac* patch. I'm using -ac24 at the moment, which seems to
    work well. I (and a few others) have had a similar problem with a SyQuest
    EZ230, which also uses epat, and I happened to notice that the problem had
    gone away somewhere between -ac3 and -ac10.

    (I found plain 2.4.2 to be a bit of a pig - several things that affected me
    were broken (having been OK in 2.4.1) and have been fixed (and occasionally
    broken again) as the -ac patches have progressed, but they all work in -ac24.)


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