Re: [PARPORT] help required with strange plip problem..

From: Gene Heskett (
Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 09:16:58 EST

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    Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Julian Holley;

    I have no idea if this is worth any more than a bucket of warm spit, but
    ISTR I had a similar problem when IP-Aliasing wasn't turned on in the
    make xconfig. Now, in 2.4.x kernels, it defaults to on so I'd almost
    forgotten that detail.

    bru will stop working for the same reason.

    >Hi everyone - For ages I've been backing up me laptop files to my
    >desktop with plip - no problems. The laptop running 2.2.14 (redhat 6.0
    >- with custom kernel) and the desktop running 2.0.35 (redhat 5.2 stock
    >kernel). I recently upgraded my desktop to the same as the laptop ie
    >kernel 2.2.14 (redhat 6.0 custom kernel) and the plip stopped working.

    >The problem :- packets are successfully TXed and then RXed on both
    >machines - no problems. _BUT_ the packets don't seem to get through to
    >the networking sub-system in the kernel because when I ping no packet on
    >either machine is returned even though it is received without error !?

    >The Facts :- If I reboot my desktop back to the old kernel (not entire
    >redhat system 5.2 but just kernel 2.0.35) the plip works again ! - same
    >machines - same cable - same 2.2.14 on laptop.

    >- The cable is correct (this I have checked with a meter and complies
    >with pin outs in plip source).

    >- IO and irqs are correct for both machines - (triple checked !)

    >- I ping one machine and watch perfect packets arrive at the other
    >machine but they are not returned
    >(vice versa on each machine)

    >- OK I thought - lets try another computer to see who's to blame - I got
    >an old 486 out and installed stock redhat 6.0 (kernel 2.2.5-14) - I get
    >exactly the same problem from old desktop to new desktop and new desktop
    >to laptop !!

    >- OK I thought lets dig out that SUSE 7.0 live CD and boot my laptop
    >from that (kernel 2.4.0) and guess what !? - I get the exact same
    >problem !?

    >- If I ping each machine with its own host name I get the expected

    >- I have checked /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes - and both
    >machines comply.

    >- my manually configured dial internet connection works fine.

    >I think I am missing something big here - I'm not sure how plip passes
    >packets on to the networking system I know that some sort of
    >encapsulation within the ethernet system goes on - but I not sure how I
    >can test to see where my the received packets are going - ie why they
    >are not going to icmp system or why that system refuses to respond ?

    >I'm pulling me hair here guys and I greatly appreciate any pointers.

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    Cheers, Gene

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