From: Bruno Cochofel (b_cochofel@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 09:25:03 EDT

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    Forgive for the message send before, but i didn't
    realize it was cut...

    This is the error:

    make -C scsi modules
    epst.c: 463:'PROC_SCSI_EPST' undeclared here (not in a
    epst.c: 463: initializer element for
    'proc_scsi_epst.low_ino' is not constant
    make[2]: *** [epst.o] Error 1
    make[2]: Leaving directory
    make[1]: *** [_modsubdir_scsi] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory
    make: *** [_mod_drivers] Error 2

    My configuration is:
    SUSE 6.3, kernel 2.2.13
    HP 710C connected to HP5200C

    I've tried kernel 2.2.19 and 2.4.0, but I can't seem
    to apply a ppscsi patch. Please tell me if there's a
    version of kernel that comes with ppscsi already, like
    the one in Mandrake 7.2. I can find the scanner in the
    Mandrake dist., but doesn't work with CUPS!!! I need
    SUSE. I can't connect the scanner to USB...

    Forgive me again the last email...

    Bruno Cochofel

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