Re: [PARPORT] Some Basic Questions on Parport driver

From: Eric Tang (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 09:50:22 EDT

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    Hi ALL,

    > 3. Do i need to disable the parallel port support in the kernel in
    order to make my driver work
    > prefectly?? as some people said the normal parallel port
    module may conflict with my module.

    >>No, but you do need to mark the IO region you are using as in-use,
    >>using request_region. You also need to check the return value from
    >>request_region to see if the IO region is already occupied.

    But can u tell me more about how to use request_region? as i really a
    Actually any good documentation on kernel hacking ? as some of the functions
    need to use is really difficult to know that. Any good examples??

    Really thx, Tim, i am more clear now.


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