[PARPORT] Sandisk parallel port ImageMate, how it works.

From: Stefan Linnemann (mazur@xs4all.nl)
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 21:43:50 EDT

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    Hi there,

    foir questions or replies to me, Cc: mazur@xs4all.nl, since I subscribe
    neither list.

    Since I bothered the linux-kernel list with my question, about how to get the
    thing working, because the question had been put there twice already at the
    time, with no definite answers present, and the linux-parport list had a
    sinmilar request, again without clarifying answer, I thought to drop in my
    two euro-cents.

    Hardware: ASUS AL440LX Intel Pentium II motherboard,
    Sandisk Paralell port ImageMate
    Kernel: 2.2.17mdk (Mandrake), 2.4.2.

    I never got around to trying the thing again on 2.4.2 after I finally
    succeeded with the 2.2.17 kernel. First, you need the patch on
    http://www.electricgod.net/~moomonk/epat/, it fits on either kernel.
    Secondly, you must disregard the info somewhere in the source files (?),
    directing you to to echo the number 7 to /proc/parport/0/irq as a
    modules.conf pre-install option. The thing doesn't use an IRQ, and gets
    confused by it.

    Thirdly, you need the modules paride, epat and pd (config options Parallel
    IDE support and epat support, don't forget to Y the c7/c8 chip support on
    the epat, the pd module gets build as an extra). paride and epat always load
    first time, pd, the last module needed, fails on the first time with busy
    message, but loads quite fine on the second try.

    And no problems after that. The card can be read out, mounted with
    /dev/pda1 /fc vfat sync,nosuid,noauto,nodev,user,unhide 0 0
    in your /etc/fstab, be sure to have moduled or compiled in the fat and vfat
    bits. And Bob's your Uncle!

    With kind regards,

    Stefan Linnemann                        http://www.xs4all.nl/~mazur/
    Systeem programmeur Unix      ICQ: 25314387

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