Re: [PARPORT] Configuring Backpack IDE drive on RedHat v6.2

From: Lars Nordin (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 17:53:18 EDT

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    Thanks Tim and Ken for the quick answers!

    I will try this out.

    Tim Waugh <>
    On Tuesday 15 May 2001 17:44, you wrote:
    > The series 5 backpack devices are different to the series 6 ones; for
    > the former, the bpck module is what you want, but for the latter you
    > need bpck6. The Micro-Solutions driver in the 2.4.x tree should do
    > the trick.
    > I haven't investigated what happens if you just take the bpck6.c and
    > ppc6lnx.c files and try compiling them in a 2.2.x tree; perhaps it
    > works.
    > Tim.

    From: "Ken Hahn" <>
    On Tuesday 15 May 2001 17:52, you wrote:
    > There are 2 series of BACKPACK drive, the 5 series and the 6 series. Prior
    > to version 2.4.4 of the Linux kernel there was no series 6 support in the
    > kernel. Micro Solutions provided a binary module which is still available
    > at: .
    > There should be a version for the kernel that comes with the Redhat 6.2
    > distro.
    > Probably the easiest way to proceeded would be to either use the binary
    > module, or upgrade to 7.1 (which I believe uses the 2.4 kernel) and upgrade
    > its kernel to 2.4.4 or later.
    > Ken Hahn

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