[PARPORT] Parallel port problems

From: Pete Rossi (pete@pjrnet.com)
Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 19:11:04 EDT

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    I recently tried to add a second parallel port to a PC using a PCI parallel
    card. I tried following the documentation to install parport_pc however
    it does not seem to want to properly recognize this card.

    The card is marked as "SPP/ECP/EPP parallel port" (1P) and the chip on the
    card says "ITE 8875" however, note that /proc/pci says Device id=8872.

    It is identified in /proc/pci as:

    Bus 0, device 10, function 0:
      Serial controller: Unknown vendor Unknown device (rev 1).
        Vendor id=1283. Device id=8872.
        Medium devsel. Fast back-to-back capable. IRQ 3. Master Capable. No bursts.
        I/O at 0xd400 [0xd401].
        I/O at 0xd000 [0xd001].
        I/O at 0xcc00 [0xcc01].
        I/O at 0xc800 [0xc801].
        I/O at 0xc400 [0xc401].
        I/O at 0xc000 [0xc001].

    Information with the Windows driver CD that came with the card says the
    ITE 8872 is a 2S1P chip)

    > ite-pci ITE 8872 2S1P
    > 8873 1S1P
    > 8874 2S
    > 8875 1P

    I tried loading parport_pc with with each of the addresses reported
    in /proc/pci and they all produced the same message in the log. I tried
    it both as parport0 and parport1 with no difference.

    > May 20 13:39:53 pete2 kernel: parport1: PC-style at 0xc000, irq 3 [SPP,PS2]

    I tried to access the port with no success. Everything appeared to
    be OK but nothing prints. There are no error messages from lpd. I do
    have the printer configured to the correct device .. in this case /dev/lp1

    /proc/parport/1 reported the following...

    MODEL:Unknown device;
    MANUFACTURER:Unknown vendor;
    base: 0xc000
    irq: 3
    dma: none
    modes: SPP,PS2

    I was looking through the parport_pc.c code for any clues and it appears
    that I should be specifying the 0xd000 0xc800 or 0xc000 addresses as it
    looks for the ECP data at base+0x400. I am still looking through the
    code but in the meantime I thought I would ask if this device should
    be supported, and if not, are there any plans for support in the future.

    I am running 2.2.19 Kernel.

    After several frustrating hours, I finally got Windows 98 to recognize
    the card.. and it sees it at 0x278 (LPT2) It initially identifies it
    as a serial communications card.. then later "changes it's mind" and
    recognizes it as a parallel port. I have no idea what it is doing.

    Any suggestions?


    Pete Rossi - WA3NNA pete@pjrnet.com

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