[PARPORT] Problems reading ECR.

From: Ronnie Arosa (infrac00@des.fi.udc.es)
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 10:44:00 EDT

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    Hi everybody.

    When I load the module for io=0x278 (onboard parallel port) and
    irq=auto, everything seems to be OK. The module is able to read ECR
    register. When I load the module for io=0x378 (ioport where my PCI card
    is at, in Windows the card is recognized at this ioport)and irq=auto the
    module is loaded but it is not able to write/read ECR register. So it
    can not support ECP mode, the one I should work with.

    What's happening? Do the module recognize my card? (When I look at
    /proc/sys/kernel/driver/parport/parport0 there's no interesting
    (I get the next warning too:
    parport 0x378 (WARNING): DATA: wrote 0xaa, read 0xff
    parport 0x378: You gave this address, but there is probably no parallel
    port there!)

    When the module try to read ECR it allways reads 0xff.

    If I do not specify any parameter to the module, the module's loading
    makes the computer to freeze down.

    I have compiled the module with the parport's source coming with red hat
    7.1 distribution and applying just the linux-oxpci patch ┐Should I use
    any other patch? linux-multiio.patch perhaps? I tryed applying all the
    patches I'd found in Tim Waugh's page (thanks Tim for all your answers)
    but there were no result.


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