[PARPORT] ftmt: /dev/qft0: Device not configured

From: Fernando Ruza (fruza@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 07:37:32 EDT

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    I've installed ftape4.04a, I've loaded the modules:
    ftape, zftape, bpck-fdc and parport without any

    Now, when I'd like to test the driver using:

    ftmt -f /dev/qft0 status

    the command says:

    ftmt: /dev/qft0: Device not configured

    I've read that I have to set up the kernel answer No
    to "Ftape(QIC-80/Travan) support", and I have it as a
    module. Could be this the origin of the problem ??

    I have a HP Colorado 5GB tape device and a linux
    RedHat 6.2 with Kernel version 2.2.12-20.

    Any help will be appreciate.
    Thanks in advance,

    Fernando Ruza Rodríguez
    Tfno curro:0034 91 8877051
    Tfno movil:649 020078

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