[PARPORT] How should I load ppdev?

From: Ronnie Arosa (infrac00@des.fi.udc.es)
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 14:58:57 EDT

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    Finally I've my PCI parallel card working on my Linux (I think so!).

    Now I would like to write a device driver for a device working to a
    parallel port. I've found ppdev, and I think it's a good idea to work
    with it, isn't it? When I try to load ppdev it reports an error message:
    [root@lago /]# modprobe ppdev
    insmod: /lib/modules/2.4.2-2/kernel/drivers/char/ppdev.o: No such file
    or directory
    insmod: insmod /lib/modules/2.4.2-2/kernel/drivers/char/ppdev.o failed
    insmod: insmod ppdev failed

    and if I make:
    [root@lago /]# insmod ppdev
    usr/src/linux-2.4/drivers/char/ppdev.o: init_module: Input/output error
    Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters,
    including invalid IO or IRQ parameters

    Should I use any parameter? Where can I look for that information?

    Thanks in advance for any reply.


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