Re: [PARPORT] HP Colorado 5GB Ext tape with RedHat 6.0

From: Fernando Ruza (
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 12:59:21 EDT

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    Hi Morris,

    It's a long time since you post this message below
    however maybe you're still there or maybe someone on
    the mailing list can also help me with the same
    questions as Morris Siegel asked.

    I have the same tape drive (HP Colorado 5GB), it works
    fine however, I have the same doubts that you had in
    your mail. I couldn't find the answers in the mailing
    list that's why I'm writing, maybe you or anyone on
    the mailing list already know them.

    I don't know how can I add new files to the end of the
    tape data and also I did read in the paride
    documentation that pt driver works better with the
    parallel port delay to 0 however, I don't know either
    how I can set this parameter.

    Also I did read that pt driver have a best performance
    with a block size of 32Kb, which can be done with the
    -b 64 option in the tar command. I couldn't make
    backup copy of large files without this option
    however, with this option there is no problem. ("tar
    -b 64 -cvf /dev/pt0 /" works great for large amount of

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

    Fernando Ruza

    Morris Siegel wrote on
    Tue, 8 Feb 2000 18:17:12 -0500 (EST):

    I have used my HP Colorado 5GB parallel-port tape
    drive under
    Red Hat 6.0, but still have some problems and

    I loaded the modules as follows:

    insmod parport
    insmod paride
    insmod epat
    insmod pt verbose=1

    /dev/pt[0123] already existed; I had to manually do
    (cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV -v pt) to create /dev/npt[0123],
    the non-rewinding equivalents.

    (1) The commands "mt -f /dev/pt0 eod" elicits the
    error message
    "/dev/pt0: Invalid argument", and similarly for
    Is there some way to persuade mt to recognize
    Is there any other command to allow writing a file to
    end-of-tape-data instead of to the beginning-of-tape?

    (2) I have seen some references to setting the port
    to 0 to speed up the drive. Is the proper way to do

    insmod pt verbose=1 drive0=0,,,,,0

    or is there some other way? (I tried this latter
    invocation of
    insmod, and the tape drive worked, but I'm not sure it
    ran faster
    than when I did the initial insmod.)

    Thanks for any replies.



    Fernando Ruza Rodríguez
    Tfno curro:0034 91 8877051
    Tfno movil:649 020078

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