Re: [PARPORT] Backpack Bantam CD Rewriter / bpck6 / redhat 7.1 (help needed)

From: Al Crowley (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 09:55:42 EDT

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    Micro Solutions has offered minimal suport for Linux the past two years.
    Now that we released the source code for inclusion into the kernel, there
    is a lot less for us to do.

    Adaptec (now Roxio) is the manufacturer of the CDR/CDRW mastering software
    we include with the Backpack line of cd-rewriter's for standard Windows
    computers (95/98/NT/2000). They have nothing at all to do with us company
    wise. A lot of people have gone to there site for support mistaking them for
    us. Its an honest mistake since we include there software with our drives.

    I can tell you the main issue we see with using the Backpack on the parallel
    port of any IBM Thinkpad is the default parallel port settings. You must
    the parallel port from the default 03bch/bidirectional to 0378h/EPP.

    Please keep this list informed with any issues you may have. I sent Tim one
    of our drives a while back so that he can test our drive with various Linux
    kernels. Like Tim said, the current kernel should have our driver in it.

    Al Crowley, Technical Support Assistant Manager
    MicroSolutions, Inc.


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