Re: [PARPORT] How to slow down parport? (and a note to Epson 740 owners)

From: Michael Lindner (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 17:07:22 EDT

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    On Sat, 09 Jun 2001 18:38:27 +0100, Tim Waugh said:

    > On Sat, Jun 09, 2001 at 10:20:34AM -0400, Michael Lindner wrote:
    > > I have a Dell Dimension 8100 and an Epson 740 printer. "Out of the
    > > box" it won't print under Linux (Red Hat 7.1 with 2.4.4 kernel), but
    > > will under Windows. After some experimentation I discovered that if
    > > I save the output of "gs" and send the characters to /dev/lp0 slowly
    > > enough, it prints. So, is there any way to control the speed at
    > > which characters are sent out?
    > I'm glad you got to the bottom of this. That's fairly strange
    > though..

    Thanks for the quick response!

    I agree, it IS wierd, and I spoke too soon - not having repeated all the tests
    I made. What I did was to run "gs ..." into a file, and send the file
    directly to /dev/lp0 in 1000 byte chunks at 1/10 second intervals. That worked,
    whereas "lpr" did not, so I assumed it was parport's fault. What I
    didn't try again, and should have, was "gs ... > /dev/lp0". Voila, it
    works! So, the problem now appears to lie with lpd and NOT parport. My
    apologies. Any clues on what to do now?

    Graphics printed via lpr print part or most of a page, but eventually the thing
    just dies (lpq reports nothing in the queue but the page is partially printed
    and the printer's busy light is flashing) and I have to power cycle the

    By the way, the way I got the printer to print at all (hope this helps future
    users of Epson 740s) was to load the parport module (by echoing to /dev/lp0),
    then turning the printer off, DISCONNECTING the cable, then reconnecting it and
    powering the printer on again. simply power cycling the printer didn't work
    (although I'm not sure why not).

    Michael Lindner

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