[PARPORT] Re: Attention anyone using the pt driver

From: Russel Ingram (ringram@gargoylecc.com)
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 19:37:36 EDT

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    On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Russel Ingram wrote:

    > I have added some extra functionality to the pt driver and am looking for
    > people to test it. The attached patch will add the following magnetic
    > tape ops to the driver:
    > MTRETEN -- retention the tape
    > MTLOAD -- load the tape
    > MTUNLOAD -- unload the tape
    > MTERASE -- erase the tape
    > MTWEOF -- write end of file marker
    > Please, anyone who is using the pt driver now, test this out and reply to
    > the list. I would like to get this put into the standard driver in the
    > kernel source tree.

    Ok, folks, here we go again. I've added in MTEOM, MTFSF, and MTBSF.
    These, of course, corespond to the eod, fsf, and bsf commands of mt. I'm
    pretty sure that eod is working right but I'm not sure about the other
    two. I would appreciate it if someone could test this for me. If it
    turns out that any of the functions are not doing what they are supposed
    to do please tell me what they're doing instead so I know how to fix it.
    If you have already patched your driver with the patch I sent previously
    you only need to apply the one named pt.c-space-patch this time.
    Otherwise, use pt.c-full-patch.


    Russ Ingram
    Gargoyle Computer Consulting

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