[PARPORT] Attention anyone using the pt driver

From: Russel Ingram (ringram@gargoylecc.com)
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 12:29:51 EDT

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    I have added some extra functionality to the pt driver and am looking for
    people to test it. The attached patch will add the following magnetic
    tape ops to the driver:

    MTRETEN -- retention the tape
    MTLOAD -- load the tape
    MTUNLOAD -- unload the tape
    MTERASE -- erase the tape
    MTWEOF -- write end of file marker

    Please, anyone who is using the pt driver now, test this out and reply to
    the list. I would like to get this put into the standard driver in the
    kernel source tree.


    Russ Ingram
    Gargoyle Computer Consulting

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