[PARPORT] [PPSCSI] epst driver and HP Scanjet 5300C

From: Eric Lamarque (eric.lamarque@free.fr)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 16:15:21 EDT

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    I've just received a HP ScanJet 5300C and I try to use it under Linux.
    As 5100C and 5200C are supported, I made the asumption that 5300C must
    be supported too.

    I insert modules as described in ppscsi home page, but the epst always
    report that device is busy.

    Then I use the verbose mode and trace the problem to be the Version.
    EPSA-2 report as 0xb1, EPST report as 0xb2 and the HP 5300C seems to
    report 0x77 or 0x4f. I don't really know if that is relevant but a
    strings on
    the Windows driver show that the protocol could be EPST-3.

    Does the epst.o module support EPST-3 protocol or did somebody obtain
    the specification? Or does the HP Scanjet 5300C need some special magic
    commands? Or more likely, what's wrong with my use of linux ppscsi?



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