[PARPORT] linux 2.4 and Microtek Scanner detection.

From: Daniel Yount (factorf2@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 16:02:26 EDT

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    I have patched my kernel with the 2.4 patch
    or the linux-ppscsi.patch which worked just fine
    I can "modprobe" the "onscsi" module and it installs
    it, but I cannot seem to get the scanimage program to
    detect the generic SCSI device it is on. Below in
    var/log/messages it says something about sg 16 but
    nothing is detected on that port either. Does anyone
    have the answer for getting my scanner to work, I hate
    going to the local copy shop and getting my RPG
    character sheets copied, when I have a good scanner
    here, just cant get a scanner program to use it.

    -------Here is some of my error information.----------

    Kernel version 2.4.5
    Distro Debian 2.2
    Scanner Microtek Slimscan c3

    -----squareroot:/# lsmod
    Module Size Used by
    onscsi 13744 0 (unused)

    -----squareroot:/proc/scsi/onscsi# cat 1
    ident: onscsi 0.91 (0.92), OnSpec 90c26
    base port: 0x378
    mode: 1
    mode name: PS/2
    delay: 1
    nice: 0
    verbose: 0
    quiet: 0
    tot_cmds: 40
    tot_bytes: 598
    tot_errs: 22
    parport device: parport0
    claimed: 0

    ----/var/log/messages or dmesg
    Jun 22 21:43:19 squareroot kernel: ppSCSI 0.92 (0.92)
    Jun 22 21:45:04 squareroot kernel: onscsi.0: onscsi
    0.91 (0.92), OnSpec 90c26 at 0x378 mode 1 (PS/2) dly 1
    nice 0 sg 16
    Jun 22 21:45:04 squareroot kernel: scsi1 : onscsi
    Jun 22 21:45:04 squareroot kernel: onscsi.0:
    Arbitration failure, bs=10 cb=0 db=1 bu=0 sg=0 rd=1
    lp=0 pe=0 cc=19

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