Re: [PARPORT] unsuccessfull try of the example. of the doc

From: Frederic Corne (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 11:22:43 EDT

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    On Thursday 12 July 2001 15:09, Tim Waugh wrote:
    > Are you actually aiming to get two machines to communicate via
    > parallel port, or is that just practice to write a driver for a
    > peripheral?

    I have to realize for a client, an unified api (open/read/write/select) for
    IEEE1284 communication between 2 machines. in ECP mode.

    typically the test may be :

    machine1 and machine2 are connected by parrallel cable.

    machine2 is waiting on parport0 ( read ? select ?)

    one writes 90 bytes in parport0 on machine1

    machine2 receive the bytes and resend them in partport0

    machine1 receive the bytes and checks the time elapsed.

    it is very simple but this must work between linux2.2 w2k and Sgi irix.
    For the moment, I try between 2 linux boxes.

    I don't find source code example of this use of parport/ppdev

    any help appreciated.


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