[PARPORT] PCI parport Q

From: daniel sheltraw (l5gibson@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 01:20:24 EDT

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    Hello parport

    What's the trick to getting PCI parallel port interrupts working.
    I am writing a custom kernel module and have not been successful
    at getting interrupts on my Intek21 parallel port card (PCI vendor
    id=14db, device id=2120). The AVLAB website says that this card
    supports interrupt sharing.

    When I look in the PCI configuration space for the card I find that
    it uses INTA for interrupts. When I look at pci_dev->irq I find that
    it is configured to use IRQ 11. I enable the interrupts in the control
    port and do the usual registering of my ISR but I get no interrupts.

    Are the PCI parallel port registers laid out like the ISA parallel ports?
    Are the ECR registers in the same place relative to the base

    Thanks all,
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